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The Psychology of Judgment

On why external judgment is based on internal knowledge, and the necessity to understand subjective and objective aspects as well as qualitative and quantitative factors in judgment. Human knowledge and judgment are interrelated and people usually judge others according to how much they know about other people. Judgment is based on several external factors like attitudes, beliefs and of course knowledge. Judgment can be largely subjective although I would argue that it is necessary to develop a framework for objective judgment. Let's consider an example. You want to judge the work of an artist or a poet. If you are unable to understand the artist's subjective impression of creativity, you will not be able to judge correctly. So there are two things you must consider while judging someone's work. First, come up with a chart, table or matrix on a person's subjective and objective attributes. What is the background of the artist? Why did he create the particular work of a…

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